Meet with Lean Coffee

Are your meetings boring and unproductive? Not with some Lean Coffee!

Tuckman Game

This Tuckman simulation makes you feel the dynamics of a forming, storming, norming and performing team.

Psychological Safe Teams 

Psychological Safety is the number one predictor of team performance. How does this relate to scaling frameworks? Find out.

Quick Journaling

Having trouble keeping a daily journal? Here’s how to do it the easy way.

Podcast Mania Continued

Top 5 science and entertainment podcasts that inspire and entertain

When focus is bad

Everybody knows focus helps finishing your work faster. The less distractions and switching between tasks, the better. But sometimes focus isn’t that helpful at all.

How to get into Flow

Do you want to work in an ecstatic state, losing track of time, doing meaningful work? Here’s how using Scrum helps!

Hear this! Podcast mania

Top 5 business/lifestyle podcasts that help you improve

Eat shit

Eat shit. Ten billion flies cant be wrong.

How Scrum motivates people

The Scrum roles connect with the three drivers of motivation: autonomy, mastery and purpose. Discover how.