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The 4 stages of psychological safety

You probably know Psychological Safety is a prerequisite for true innovation. But do you know the 4 stages of psychological safety?

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It’s not a people problem

It’s not a people problem, it’s a situation problem. Here’s why and what to do.

Creativity: best done alone?

Common knowledge seems to be that creativity is best achieved in groups. But is this the most effective way to create creative solutions?

Why do devs still make less than managers?

Many developers move to a non-development position because it pays more and gives them more freedom. Even though they love being a developer more. Time to turn this around!

I won’t help you

Do those you are “helping” really want to be helped? Or are you only “inflicting help”?

Scrum Teams Special Forces

Scrum Teams are the special forces of the organization, getting the mission done. Oorah!

Tuckman Game

This Tuckman simulation makes you feel the dynamics of a forming, storming, norming and performing team.

Psychological Safe Teams 

Psychological Safety is the number one predictor of team performance. How does this relate to scaling frameworks? Find out.

Eat shit

Eat shit. Ten billion flies cant be wrong.

How Scrum motivates people

The Scrum roles connect with the three drivers of motivation: autonomy, mastery and purpose. Discover how.