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Stuck in your creative task? Step back and read a book

Do you recognize this? You're working on a creative task, like writing a blog or creating some code. You've started out well, got your first thoughts on paper, but are now stuck. You have no idea how to proceed and your productive start has waned into a slow pace, dry from inspiration.

I have this all the time. And I am terrible at combating it. I have blocked the time to do this creative task and I'm feeling the pressure of time seeping away. And thus desperately try to wring something productive out of my brain, before I'm out of time and should start with another task. And sometimes this helps. When I don't give up too early and push through the initial gibberish that leaves my head, I pick up my creative flow and good ideas do come up again. But a lot of times I'm really stuck.

What helps me is to leave the task and go find something to read. A book, a magazine or interesting blog post. Anything. And if the subject is remotely close to the task I'm stuck at, I find myself coming up with all kinds of ideas. Sometimes it inspires me to do a quick round of Crazy 8s.

So, whenever you find yourself blocked, first push through. If you're really stuck, go find something interesting to read. In no time you'll get your inspiration flowing again.